• Beautiful : Game of Crones by D'Abreo Marie D'Abreo

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ISBN 9781733358910

About 'Beautiful: Game of Crones'

Teenage life has so many problems! Supercharged hormones, overnight pimples and social anxiety... to name a few. Sometimes Lily wishes she could get the process of growing up over and done with.

Well, be careful what you wish for.

One night, Lily borrows a witchy Halloween costume, complete with an antique amulet that’s said to have magic powers.

And soon discovers that accidentally fast-forwarding her life only creates a whole new set of challenges.

More about the 'Beautiful Series'
Teenager Lily gets a lot of messages about what it means to be a successful and desirable woman in today's world. But her biggest problem is the voice in her own head. How does she beat that one?

A graphic novel for ages 8 and up
A humorous series that’s great for young girls, as well as women, educators and therapists.

'Beautiful' deals with self-esteem, identity issues and spirituality.


  • Illustrated by:D'Abreo Marie D'Abreo
  • Series:Beautiful
  • Format:
    • Hardback
    • 156 pages
  • Publisher:Marie D'Abreo
  • Imprint:Marie D'Abreo
  • ISBN:9781733358910
  • Published:12 Jun 2019
  • Weight:382g
  • Dimensions:229 x 152 (mm)
  • Firm Sale:Yes
  • Language:English