• Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop

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Cartes Postales from Greece is an extraordinary new book from Victoria Hislop,

Week after week, the postcards arrive, addressed to someone Ellie does not know, each signed with an initial: A.These alluring cartes postales of Greece brighten her life and cast a spell on her. She decides she must see this country for herself.

On the morning Ellie leaves for Athens, a notebook arrives.

Its pages tell the story of a man's odyssey through Greece. Moving, surprising and sometimes dark, A's tale unfolds with the discovery not only of a culture, but also of a desire to live life to the full once more.


  • Format:
    • Paperback
    • 448 pages
  • ISBN:9781472223210
  • Published:10 Aug 2017
  • Dimensions:197 x 128 x 28 (mm)