I Wonder Why Collection - 20 Books

ISBN: 9780753442944
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Inquisitive children will love this set of 20 fact-filled books which explore a variety of topics ranging from pirates and planes to penguins and pyramids. 

Written in a child-friendly and conversational style, these books are educational in an amusing and imaginative way and are sure to delight readers who want to know more about the world around them. 

Among the intriguing questions they provide answers to are 'why does the wind blow?', 'why does soap make bubbles?' and 'why did the Romans wear togas?'

Titles in this collection (20)

  • Pirates Wore Earrings
  • Penguins Can't Fly
  • The Sun Rises
  • The Sea is Salty
  • The Wind Blows
  • Pyramids Were Built
  • Romans Wore Togas
  • Countries Fly Flags
  • Triceratops Had Horns
  • Stars Twinkle
  • I Sleep
  • Caterpillars Eat So Much
  • Spiders Spin Webs
  • Planes Have Wings
  • Zips Have Teeth
  • Castles Had Moats
  • Hurricanes Have Eyes
  • Kangaroos Have Pouches
  • Leaves Change Colour
  • Soap Makes Bubbles
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