Start Reading Collection - 52 Books

ISBN: 9781526302809
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This collection contains 52 books that will help children on their way to becoming confident readers. 

The books will help children gain confidence and enjoy reading for pleasure. From castle mysteries to superhero exploits, the stories are illustrated and progress gradually as children become more fluent in reading. 

Compiled in consultation with a literacy expert, these books will help children at the earliest reading levels.

Titles in this collection (52)
  • Pip's Pets: Bad Dig, Digby!
  • Pip's Pets: Cat Nap
  • Pip's Pets: A New Pet
  • Pip's Pets: Where is Sid?
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Cousin
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Dad
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Mum
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Nan
  • Carlo's Circus: Bippo and Boppo
  • Carlo's Circus: Joey the Juggler
  • Carlo's Circus: Lola Fanola
  • Carlo's Circus: Princess Rani
  • Awful Archie at the Museum
  • Awful Archie and the Babysitter
  • Awful Archie & Frisbee
  • Awful Archie & Terrible Trevor
  • Detective Dog: The Lost Kittens
  • Detective Dog: The Stolen Egg
  • Detective Dog: Footprints in Snow
  • Detective Dog: Treasure Trail
  • Down in the Jungle: Flora's Big Noise
  • Down in the Jungle: Lulu's Song
  • Down in the Jungle: Monty's Surprise
  • Down in the Jungle: Spots in a Bad Mood
  • Sea Force Four: The Ghost Fish
  • Sea Force Four: Big White Box
  • Sea Force Four: Wheelie Thing
  • Sea Force Four: Steel Whale
  • Superfrog: Crocodile!
  • Superfrog: The Dragonfly Kite
  • Superfrog: The Flying Elephant!
  • Superfrog: The Groaning Ghost
  • Creepy Castle: The Perfect Pet
  • Creepy Castle: Naggy Aunt Aggie
  • Creepy Castle: The Ghost Train
  • Creepy Castle: The Unwanted Visitor
  • Fairytale Jumbles: Goldilocks & the Wolf
  • Fairytale Jumbles: Snow White & Enormous Turnip
  • Fairytale Jumbles:Cinderella & the Beanstalk
  • Fairytale Jumbles: Rapunzel & Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Poor Pirates: Pirate Underpants!
  • The Poor Pirates: Bangers and Cash
  • The Poor Pirates: The Pirate Code
  • The Poor Pirates: Fishfingers and Leaks
  • Fun at the Beach: Splash!
  • Fun at the Beach: Go, Go, Go!
  • Fun at the Beach: Dad's Net
  • Fun at the Beach: Sand
  • Let's go On Holiday: Off We Go!
  • Let's go On Holiday: Not like That!
  • Let's go On Holiday: No More Singing!
  • Let's go On Holiday: Come on Dad!
Product details
  • Publisher: Hachette Childrens Books
  • Dimensions: 21.0cm x 20.2cm
  • Pages: Varies
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