The Bookshop Adventure 10 Book Collection

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The bookshop 10 Book Adventure Collection is full of exciting stories about really cool characters and their funny adventures

There's the story of Hugh Shampoo, a boy who just won't wash his hair and doesn't really care; the tale of a doggy detective who has to solve the great Poodle Doodler mystery; and you'll get to meet a big dinosaur who learns that it is good to share. 

Sure to be a big favourite with young readers, this collection contains many more stories that feature everything from a heroic mouse to a dastardly alligator - fantastic fun for all readers and great for sharing!

Titles in this collection (10)
  • Intergalactic Ed and the Space Pirates - Ella Denton & Jamie Littler
  • My Alien and Me - Smriti Prasadam-Halls & Tom McLaughlin
  • Hugh Shampoo - Karen George
  • When Titus Took the Train - Anne Cottringer & Sarah McIntyre
  • Detective McWoof and the Great Poodle Doodler Mystery - Timothy Knapman & Holly Clifton-Brown
  • Fast and Furry Racers: The Silver Serpent Cup - Jonathan Emmett & Ed Eaves
  • The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur - Richard Byrne
  • Unstoppable Max - Julia Patton
  • Mighty Small - Timothy Knapman & Rosie Reeve
  • Chickens Can't See in the Dark - Kristyna Litten
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