• Usborne Beginners History 10 Books Set - Castles, Vikings, Romans, The Celts, Anicent Greeks, Egyptians and MORE

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Usborne Beginners History 10 Books Set 


Digging Up the Past

How do ancient things get buried? Who digs them up? And what do they find? Beginner readers can find answers to these questions and more in this colourful information book.


Who lived in a castle, and what was it like? Children can find out the answers to these questions and lots more about the wonderful world of castles in this informative book.


Find out what it was like to be a Viking, and learn about Viking homes, feasts, boats, gods and much more in this fascinating book.

The Maya

Who were the Maya? Where did they live? Why did they build tall stone temples?


Who were the ancient Romans? Where did they go to eat, shop and wash? What did they do for fun?


Who were the Celts exactly? Did you know they lived on top of hills? Do you have any idea how Celtic warriors made themselves look really scary in battle?

Ancient Greeks

Find out about Ancient Greece, what people wore, ate and did for fun and learn about some of the most famous philosophers and mathematicians of the age in this compelling book for beginner readers.


Who were the ancient Egyptians? Why did they build pyramids and how were mummies made?

Iron Age

This simple information book charts the history of Iron Age people and how they lived, including their farming methods, the gods they prayed to and the hill forts where they lived.

Stone Age

This simple information book follows the history of Stone Age people and how they lived.