• Usborne Young Reading Collection 40 illustrated Books Box Set Read at Home L1-2

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ISBN 9781474915083
Usborne Young Reading Collection 

This just may be the independent reading for young readers carefully crafted Usborne Young Reading Collection (Usborne classics collection) definitely meet little bookworm books hidden! A full full collection of forty books, each book is independent of content. Before twenty-five book contains several stories each the same topic, covering a wide range of knowledge, encompassing themes, language interesting, beautifully illustrated humor. After fifteen books are world classics, reading classics can cultivate children's literature, to do a good poetry talent teenager -

Usborne young reading series one: For children beginning to read independently and Design

Usborne young readers in this series is already a primary book chapters, each book has chapters 5-8 Chapter range; there is also a book cover with a theme of several stories. Although already a chapter book, but each page will have beautiful illustrations. Series A for more than seven years of big boy, grade 2 or more, but personally feel that if completed high frequency vocabulary and natural spelling, children over 6 years old should be able to read. There are many familiar stories, such as the magician apprentice, three grumpy goat, the king's new clothes, and so on.

Usborne Young Reading Series Two: To be able to read fluently young readers and design

Usborne young readers in this series is already a primary book chapters, each book has chapters ranging chapters 5-8. Although already a chapter book, but still have many beautiful illustrations. Series II include Macbeth, eighty days around the world, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and other 15 world classics, children deserve to savor, very suitable for intensive reading.