• Książki dla szkół i bibliotek

thebookshop.pl  is an established books trading company who opened its business in September 2014.

Our trade customers must be schools, language schools, self employed teachers, libraries , bookshops and customers who are registered as companies.  

When you become a thebookshop.pl  trade customer you are able to source a large amount of books online from our extensive selection at special discounts. 

Our products range from children's books, to fiction and non-fiction books, plus many more titles at low and competitive prices.

Customers can also benefit from some additional options available, for example:

1. Customers can buy our books by having credit facilities set by thebookshop.pl 

2. Customers can pay by bank transfer. Payment terms can be from 3 - 14 days.

3. Customers get free shipping for all orders over 149.99PLN

4. Where possible, additional discount is offered to trade customers who order books over 599PLN

7. Customers will receive personal customer service from a dedicated Wholesale Manager in order to support yours needs 

8. We disptach our orders from between 3 - 8 working days . 

If you want be registered as a trade customer, please contact Urszula on 733 977 677 or email us on sklep@thebookshop.pl